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Guitar -the first love of my life


We the guitarist,each one of us  has got the  story of how we entered the guitar world.
I would like to share how guitar became part of my life. Since my childhood whenever I heard songs,I could only notice guitar strummings. I  had always been bad at noticing & remembering lyrics. I wanted to learn guitar and always dreamt of being a great guitarist.


Unfortunately, my family did not take my wish seriously. I grew up but my craze for guitar never ended.Once I met the guy playing guitar and asked him for certain information about guitar & I am interested in learning too. The guy told me not to play guitar,learn violin. Violin is good for girls & guitar is for the boys having long fingers.
He was definitely wrong for sure.

On my 22nd birthday evening, my sister came back from office. She did not close the door and told me someone is waiting for me outside. I thought it’s my friends waiting to give me the birthday surprise. I was sitting on a couch and called my friend’s name.No one came inside.My sister said they won’t come inside.They want me to first meet outside.I went near the door and peeped outside ,there was none .I thought she fooled me. She said stand outside the door and check again. I went out and looked at the stairs side, thinking my friends must be hiding & when I saw another side of the wall ,it was Guitar bag wrapped beautifully as a gift. The moment I turned so emotional,I got my guitar bag inside and opened it very slowly.Touched the strings,was staring at it .I had tears in my eyes,the happy tears. My sister and mom were laughing at me for being so emotional  for a non-living thing. But,it was not just a thing for me,it was my new friend & my new passion.Moreover ,it was my longest wish come true.  When it comes to learning,age is never a factor.


I started looking for classes but could not find a good one. I joined a class wherein my 1-year learning was equal to zero. The class was totally money minded .Whenever one good tutor tried to teach me more,the manager would scold him.The songs were supposed to be learned after 1 & half  year. I could only listen to good tutor’s plays but never got a chance to learn.I moved other city & there was no class around. At the age of 25,I moved to another city & found the best class for beginners like me.  My Sir had been very encouraging & caring towards students . I learned few songs and the trainers were happy with my improvements & hard work. I happened to develop some nerve problem which gives me stress  while playing guitar compared to normal people.Most of the times I have the stiff hand or reduced speed. But,no one could find my problem.   Every time ,I entered my guitar class,I could forget all the sickness &  enjoyed playing with everyone else.  Today ,I am 27 and not rock guitarist. I never performed on stage.I don’t know whether I will ever perform & how it will be. I played in front of family and few friends. 
I am not a great guitarist but I am not competing with anyone. It’s my own journey & I love it. There are competitions in every field,but art & music leave enormous impressions on the souls. In the guitar world,I never found anyone making fun of anyone’s level of guitar knowledge.There is always an encouragement & everyone goes through the beginner stage. It’s not easy for me to watch people break or burn their guitar. Many guitarists have the chapter in their life wherein they decide to sell their guitar & its heart aching for them to sell it whilst few make a point to bring back their beloved instrument.
I do learn from online tutorials now. My childhood innocent dream was to play guitar on big stage. I don’t feel the same now. I just love playing guitar and I don’t feel bad for not having in-depth knowledge . Staying connected on the social network ,I realized there are many different guitar styles .People have got amazing guitar instrument collection as well as their skills are marvelous.To add up more, many great musicians have started up tutorials for free which are really helpful.Salute to all the trainers taking lots of efforts to teach guitar styles to the different parts of the world.

Guitar always  takes me to the heavenly world.

What’s your guitar story? I would love to know it.Share it in comments or your link 🙂

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